Internet Access

AJEET SmartSpot CheckoutSMSD has a limited supply of internet hotspots for home access.  They are distributed based on need and are first-come, first-served.  In the event that a demonstrated need exists to check out a hotspot for home access, please contact the school social worker, Mrs. Christy Albertson, to communicate the need and complete the application for assistance: .

Need may include no ability to secure internet access in the home and one of the following: 

  • Free/Reduced Meal Program (District letter confirming qualification should be shown to establish this need.)
  • Academic need - the student is at risk of failing or at least 1 academic year behind peers for their age
  • Children with Limited English Proficiency
  • Immigrant children/youth or Migrant Educational Program participant
  • McKinney Vento or Youth in Foster Care 
  • Parent experienced recent job loss/unemployment
  • Checkout will be for a semester.  If a device is not actively used, the district will request it be returned and reallocated to another student in need.

There are a number of Internet services available for families in the community who are currently without access.  The following provides a short list of potential resources available to families that may provide broadband access to the home:

  • Access from AT&T ($10/month)
    Qualified households may sign up for low-cost internet.  Modem is provided at no cost.  For more information, call (855) 220-5211.

  • Google Fiber Broadband Plan ($15/month) for Students
    The Google Fiber Broadband Plan is available for residents in neighborhoods Google Fiber serves with low rates of Internet connectivity. Broadband plan coverage areas are determined using publicly available data from the U.S. Census and Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Use your address to check if you are eligible.  Use your address to check if you are eligible or call (877) 777-7550.

  • Spectrum Internet Assist Program ($20/month)
    Qualified households may sign up for low income internet assistance.  (National School Lunch Program is a qualifier for the lower-cost service.) In home Modem is provided at no cost.

  • The following link may be helpful in identifying local free hotspot zones across the community by zip code: